Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone

Have you ever sat and thought, "What can I do?" This big question has always been in the back of my mind.  It has fueled me to always see what opportunities there are. It was always pushed me to check myself when I have felt like I wasn't doing enough. 

The thing is, it's not a matter of how much we can do. It's a matter of what you can do. What are your strengths? How are you able to contribute? It takes some critical thinking and some self-reflecting. For me, I feel like I'm here to connect with people. I'm the person that wants to be in everyone's corner to encourage them to keep going and remind them of what makes them who they are. 

I have always wanted to help more, do more, learn more, and encourage people to love more.  And now, I'm here for MORE. MORE is Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone. Right now, our first project is a pilot program at the Barton Center of Salvation Army in downtown Indianapolis. We are providing resources for development ranging from professional growth, educational growth and rediscovering the goals that people have long since set for themselves. Our goal is providing a grass roots approach and allowing people to make their own opportunities and providing them with their own self-development by equipping individuals with resources needed to attain their goals. 

If you would like to learn more, explore what you could be doing or give ideas to help in Making Opportunities Reachable for Everyone, contact me to chat. 

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