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Your Own Style: Defined

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Finding your own style is a process. Sometimes it's a process of elimination when you know what you like and what you do not like. Other times it's a process of trial-and-error. Unfortunately I typically end up seeing my own errors in pictures shared the next day. Most often, finding your own style is an experimental process. Trying new fits, new styles and new cuts among all the numerous "new"s there are to be.

When I am picking my style (for the day, week, whatever it may be), I always try to think of these questions.

1.) Do I like what I'm wearing?

I really want to know if what I'm wearing makes me feel confident. Is this sew-together fabric the outfit that's going to make me feel like I can take on the day, everyday of the week? That's the kind of feeling I go for, and I know if I'm feeling the fit, I will get that feeling. Not only is the feeling of the look important, I need to know if the style is comfortable for me. I love peplum shirts, dresses and skirts, but I do not love it on me. I feel like it does not sit right, and it does not feel like a piece of clothing/style I can wear without thinking about it. So while I love it on others, it is not part of my style palette. On the other hand, body-hugging skirts that end at my calves give my girl power energy an extra kick.

2.) What will other people think?

If people are going to gawk and stare, will it be in envy or awe? People are going to have opinions about literally everything. Sometimes people share their opinions, even when I do not ask for it. I wonder sometimes what the response will be, but at the same time....

3.) Do I care what other people think?

No. The answer is a hard no. It should be your answer too. Finding your style is ALLLLL about you and your body and your soul and your comfort. You define your style because you are the on that will be working (with) it. If you love what you're wearing and you love how it make you feel, don't for a second worry about what other people think. If you change your style on the daily, then cool. Be a chameleon! If pink and bows is more to your liking, then rock the dainty look and keep the pinky up.

No matter how you find your style, be sure you are looking for the clothes, fit and styling that will make you happy. If there's anything people do notice, it's when you're not comfortable in what you are wearing. Fidgeting and tugging and lack of confidence can be an easy-fix when you have a closet of pieces that remind you that you're capable of taking on the day--everyday of the week.

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