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Summertime Fine: Goonies on the Green

It's August, typically the sign that summer is coming to an end. However, since Indiana decided to rain for the whole month of June, I'm going to say summer is hitting its stride and we're in midsummer now. Works, right? Anyways, I am obsessed with the city I live in, and I've decided to start a new series called, Summertime Fine where I'll share some of Indianapolis' hidden gems, activities and more. To kick off the series, my bff and I took our date night to White River State Park for a movie.

When I think about summer nights from high school, I think of us all stuffing ourselves into someone's soccer mom car and half of us laying down in the back, covered with blankets while we tried to save money by sneaking a few extra people into the lot of a drive-in theatre. Such were the times.

At White River State Park, it's super cute, and not where the concerts usually are, but across the cultural trail closer to the State Museum. You have this amazing view of the city, and feel like a kid again, laying out a blanket or getting comfy in a fold out chair to watch a classic. I had a great time, andI'm sharing some tips and things to know before you go :)

Thing to Know #1:

The event itself is ~free~. Yeah, $0, zero dinero, zip. So I'm sending a quick "@" at whoever plans the dates/family outings because this is very budget friendly. There are food trucks and drinks available though, and those do cost money, but if you're already saving money on the movie, treat yo'self, my friends. Get the beer. Share a pizza. Do ya thing.

Thing to Know #2:

There are chairs already there. This was a life saver because as a 22 year old girl, I do not have an ample supply of foldable lawn chairs yet. I'm just not there in my life yet, but the lawn is set with chairs, but you are welcome to bring your own as well. Additionally, the chairs are greatly spaced so you don't feel as cramped as you do in a normal theatre. This also means that you have enough room to still bring a blanket and lay down to watch your movie. I saw a lot of families do this, especially if they had cutie babies, everyone can be comfy for the film.

Thing to Know #3:

In case you forget where you are, let me remind you: we are in an Indiana Summer. It's been muggy, it's been hot, it's been all types of temperatures. There will be bugs out. I, a simpleton that was too excited to attend, forgot this mere but important fact. Bring the bug spray, lotion, bracelets, what have you — and use it. I'm a big baby, so larger bugs scare me, but if we'd brought any kind of protection, I think we would have been fine. Minor detail, but if you have littles, I would pack it.

Thing to Know #4:

Who can come with you to such a sweet event?? Anyone. Literally anyone. The venue is perfect not only because of the scenery, but because it's in a great, handicap accessible place. It also sits right next to an open area, so if your kids won't sit still, you can send them just outside the gate with a soccer ball and watch them while you watch the movie. There are games around the sitting area, so you can play a round of cornhole (if you call it bags, I don't wanna hear it), you can play Giant Jenga or bring some card games to play before the movie starts. And guess what else — your furbabies are also welcome here. I saw some cute floofs, and I'm so excited to bring mine next time.

We had a blast at White River State Park, and I had no idea they hosted such events. To see their summer schedule, check out their events page. Stay tuned for more of my Indianapolis Summer obsessions, and if you have something you think I gotta try, let me know! I love new adventures. Happy Saturday, y'all.

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