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One Purse Styled Six Ways

Everyone has their favorite bag that matches everything. Once in awhile though, you want to get that big, statement bag. Will it match everything? Mm, nobody is really sure about that, but you gotta have it. Here's my newest statement bag, the Morina from Aubry Lane, and here is how I match it to all of my styles.

Everyday Comfy

When I’m really just wanting to stop by the parents’ home for dinner, but know I’ll be stopping by her house and his (since I’m in town, I might as well, right?). It’s paired with jeans and an easy-going top. On these more relaxed days, it’s important for me to do the bare minimum but still look like I spent an extra 10 minutes putting myself together. The sleek lines of this bag easily give me that reception. 

Keeping the colors fairly monochromatic allows me to get away with the comfy look, but still stall coordinated. Staying cozy, but structured like the bag, I can add an easy-going top to complete my look.

Business Chic

Perfect size pocket for 8.5 x 11 inches folders, papers and a laptop. Black is my key color when addressing my work attire. If I’m needing the spare hands, I can attach the body strap and let the bag hang my side. The structure gives it a polished look without having to do anything. This bag is quite honestly the easiest grab and go bag for work.

Errands Day

A day of running to and fro requires ease, and usually a bag I can add and take from throughout the day. Like I mentioned, this bag can fit a folder in it. When I know I have a lot to do, I will create a divider in my purse using a folder or legal pad/notebook. On one side, I can keep my wallet, my keys, phone and anything that doesn’t need to leave the bag. On the other side, I can keep letters that need to be mailed, receipts if I’m doing returns after the holidays or to add the things I’m picking up. Depending on the day, I might make one half picking up and the other dropping off. 

I usually go with a pair of jeans and a pair low heels or flats. Low heels always make me feel like I’m on track, even when I’m not, but also running around sometimes calls for some supportive footwear instead. 

please excuse my lack of posing variety here

Mom Has Everything

This bag great because of its size. I can throw a wallet in here, a friend’s small purse, a grab bag for makeup touch ups, and a bottle of water. Whether you’re the mom of the friend group or a true hero with babes on your hip, this bag can hold what you need with ease. I also love this bag because of the leather too. it’s a sleek leather, and worst case scenario, a sip of water spills, you can easily wipe it off without much of a consequence. 

The straps are large enough you can swing it over your should to have your hands free, but the strap are also strong enough that it can be the last thing you pick up. The bag is deep enough that you can put a (reusable) water bottle in here standing up, AND the bottom is flat, so it stays standing. I don't have a little cutie that I could demonstrate holding while also sporting this bag, but I will say I was able get from my car to my front door with: my pup on a leash, a 25 pound bag of his food, this purse over my shoulder and my suitcase being pulled in my other hand. It wasn't the most graceful, but the strap length on this purse make a major difference.

Take Me to School

On days I work and school, I use this bag to stay neutrally chic all day. Again, its size allows for notepads, laptops and all the schooling tools you need. it’s open concept within the purse itself, so it’s easy to look into and see what all you have. So if you don’t see your T9 calculator on the second check, it is probably not in there. 

Dressed Up

Mmm, maybe I am just biased, but black really does match everything. I wore this to an event where I needed to dress up, and when a purse is made from quality leather, it looks fancy before I even put my fancy pants on. I prefer the smooth leather over more textured leathers because it allows for an easy mix of fabrics. In this look, my pants are more of a satin, and it pairs nicely with the leather rather than competing with it. 

Depending on the event, larger bags are great if you drop a light coat into it, or anything you may need. This event was an art fair, so at these events, it is more likely to receive or pickup different informational handouts, so having a bag that can be dressed up, but still hold the size that this can is a huge key. 

This has easily become my bag for everything (clearly). In addition to the style it provides, the company of this purse, Aubry Lane, also has safety technology. They sell a variety of purses along with the Amulet. It's a device that is the size of a key faub, and turns into a cell phone when the user is in danger. It also can fit inside a secret pocket within all their purses so that if you bag is stolen, you can track the location of it. I'll be sharing a video of this safety technology as I think it's a great way to be safe and to look after those you care about. Until then, happy styling!

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