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Look Good, Feel Good

Amirite? This has been a conversation and a debate for as long as I can remember. I recall in my second year of high school, a teacher raised the question, “Do you think more attractive people test better? Or does it not matter?” Since then, I’ve often thought on this, and I have developed something of my own theory.

I initially thought, “No, of course not. Your looks do not correlate with how smart you are.” However, as I continued to think about it, I remember going back and forth with the idea that stress is something that can cloud peoples’ thoughts. Then my conclusion drifted further to, “If attractive people don’t have to stress or worry about being attractive, then maybe they could test better or be smarter…right?” In thinking this way though, I realize that I wasn’t focusing on level of attractiveness, but rather confidence and feeling good about yourself.

With that, I realized that when you are able to feel good about yourself, you can stress less about your outwards appearance and focus more on you and what you are actually doing.

Example: Job Interview

Person A is feeling killer in their well-fitting suit, they love the way the colors look on them, and they feel confident and not worried about any wardrobe malfunctions. They are focused on the questions and on connecting with the interviewer.

Person B is feeling slightly less prepared because this shirt doesn’t quite go with the suit how they’d envisioned it would, maybe the jacket is slightly too short, so they keep tugging at it and fidgeting in what they’re wearing because they are uncomfortable, thus unconfident and unfocused on the actual interview.

So returning to the thought of feeling good and looking good. When you feel good, it’s like one more thing checked off your list. You no longer think of it, and the amount of confidence that radiates from you almost always increases. When you feel good, you’re looking good because if you believe you look good, most people will too.

It kind of goes along with the “Fake it, ‘til you make it” mantra of faking your are confident in something until you truly are confident in it. When you believe in you, others will believe in you. Don’t give people a reason to doubt you.

My boy here has been a friend since freshman year. We’ve had numerous classes together and have participated in different student organizations together. As we have begun our senior year, he asked me to help him step up his wardrobe. Griffin has taken a huge commitment to his health and is making gains and changing up his appearance. He wanted a fit that would reflect his newfound confidence in himself. Obviously, I said yes.

I love seeing my friends love themselves and seeing him try on a new pair of pants that fit to a T, and a new button down that he truly felt good in was such a change. When I saw him later that week at his first event in his new look, he was confident and felt like being the one to approach people and start conversations. I don’t want to solely credit a quick shopping trip for his confidence, but the change of clothes from older pieces, to clothes he felt matched his new identity gave him the ability to not feel underdressed compared to others. The new outfit gave him a good starting place for him to leave the house feeling ready for whatever the night had to hold.

If you have further questions about personal styling/shopping, click here to see style boards for others that I have created based on their desired looks. If you’re interested in me working with you to get you looking good, and feeling good, message me here.

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