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Latet Obsession: Mom Jeans

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

And why everyone should own at least one pair

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It's been a trend that's been back, and damn does it look good. It's the love child of boyfriend jeans and high-waisted glory. Mom jeans have gone from back of the closet to overpriced in every store in the mall. Unlike velvet and clear-plastic shoes, this trend isn't one that will fade away. Mom jeans are back and here to stay.

Let's talk about why everyone looks killer in this style:

1. The fit is loose, but also not baggy. The legs have wiggle room, but still are tailored enough to look like they actually fit.

2. High-waisted pants, shorts, skirts and anything in between flatter dang near everyone. The waistband comfortable fits above my food baby post inhalation of pizza. The long seam makes shorter legs look longer, and we all got a peachy behind that has now been accented.

3. WOW THE POCKETS. Gone are the days of low-rise jeans that barely leave room for pockets (I mean, most women' clothes have the smallest pockets already...). With the looser leg and higher waist--ladies, we have real pockets with real room for all of our necessities.

I sincerely, on my life, cannot think of anyone I have ever seen that did not rock this pants style. From the skinny-minis to the curvy queens to every height in-between, the fit compliments everyone. The only real downside can be the challenge of knowing what size you need. Honestly though, I think we've all come to understand the struggle of finding pants made of denim that fit hips, butt and leg length.

Someday ladies, someday we will be able to confidently go online and buy 7 pants from 7 different companies and have no doubt that they will each fit. Until then, I will spend all my time on finding my next pair of Mom Jeans.

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