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Latest Obsession: Tube Top

I know, I know. I already wrote about mom jeans, and now I’m talking about tube tops.

 Is it because I just finished rematching “Friends” and Jennifer Aniston gives me so much life in literally everything she wore in that series?

Maybe. Most likely. 

But whatever. I’ve been on the hunt. I’ve been in the grind. And I’m so extra excited for summer to break these tops out. They’re fantastic with some high-waisted shorts, skirts, mom jeans and everything in between. I love it because they’re so easy to layer with cardigans, jean jackets and even with a shirt that’s slightly too low-cut.  Depending on your comfort level, you can easily go braless. It is easily the #1 summer staple piece to have. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

I'm personally leaning more towards the casual, soft-knit style, but I also am LOVING the tie detail on the olive piece from Express. The stripes on most of them give me the most 90s vibes, and that's my favorite type of vibe to be. I'll be sure to share with you the way I style my tube tops, coming soon! What's your go-to summer piece?

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