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Listen, I know it's been a minute since I've been sharing my opinions, thoughts, and favorite places that nobody asked for. I'm sorry it's been so long, but I'm writing with a little bit more urgency during this happy hour today, folks.

Everywhere around us and in every single home, COVID-19 is impacting all of us in one way or another. From people losing their jobs, teachers around the country making 180s to take education into the home where parents are pivoting from homework help to lesson leaders, and all of us trying to do our part to curb this virus. Small shops and local business is what makes up these communities. Entrepreneurial spirits are grown in these businesses, and these businesses also are what begin to employ a lot of people in communities. I'm not providing a pitch to save the world (not right now anyways), but I am throwing a linked (you're welcome!!) list of of all the things YOU can do to help make a difference.


Most places of business are still able to be contacted. So blow up those DMs, cell phones, and websites. If not now then THEN. (That's the saying right?) Treat yo'future self, and buy yourself a gift card to put towards you or a loved one later. Check out these businesses to do so!

  • Curvy Custom Bride | From alterations to to custom designs, Leila is truly a person for people. She will never settle for you settling, and she will make your loveliest dreams come true. (Sidenote: she is not limited to bridal! I have an AMAZING jumpsuit by her, and we're working on a blazer together soon with the gift card *I* just purchased from her.)

  • Skin Tight Co. | Non-invasive body contouring, and more. A jumpstart to your workout routine. If you have any questions about anything let me know, I'll share my experience or pass you off to an expert.

  • Naked Monkey | This local, women-powered business caters to all the hairies in the Indiana state providing smooth heads, shoulders, knees, and toes--and then some. Buy a gift certificate for yourself now, and whip it back out when you are getting ready for a vacay or those brows just become too much to handle.

  • All the hair boutiques | You know y'all have that special someone that you trust with those locks on your head. If you must (which most of us most right now) cancel your hair appointment, if you can afford it, pay for it anyways. It'll feel like a free haircut when you come back, or throw down half as a deposit. If your salon won't let you do either of those, buy a certificate from the person that has had your back and keeping you looking fly, and use it later. Talk with your hairstylist to see what they best prefer.

Hair by Cassie

Hannah Kimbro


More Indianapolis salons

More Northern Indiana salons

  • Photographers | If you were planning to get engagement photos, or thinking about getting family photos done at ANY time this year, why not buy yourself for a gift certificate for half of the session now, then you'll only pay half later! It's a great way to help photographers now, and it gives you something fun + special to look forward to.

Amanda DeBusk Photography

Hey Sisters Photography

Photography by Haley Macciomei

Faith Blackwell

Dimensions Photography

LV Love

Andre Portee


A lot of family-owned businesses are restaurants. A lot of these places are typically packed and taking pride in sharing their passion with the communities. A lot of these restaurants are the memories of first dates, celebrations, and some of the best nights of our lives. Reach out and see what you can do to help your favorite local spot.

More Takeout/Delivery options in the Indianapolis area

More Takeout/Delivery options in the Fort Wayne area


We are all going to start going through our closets and thinking up redecorating options as we sit in our homes. Think about spicing up your look or home with products from any of these online businesses:

Shop Gina Celeste

Cycle Bar Fishers

Faith Blackwell

Beauty + Grace

Danni Nicole

The Naked Monkey (Products)

Penn & Beech

Stella and Dot with Rae


I know we are all being affected by this. I know and recognized that as much as I would love to, I cannot support each and every one of these businesses. However, I can always share, comment, like, and pass on different posts from them. It costs nothing but a quick thumb workout routine. *tap tap tap* You also share any resources you find that might businesses or employees. I know a certain guy doing some really amazing pro bono work for small and local businesses right now. Check it out.

Do317 is another organization that continuously does immense work for local businesses by sharing and getting the hype up for events in the community. As you can imagine, they, too, are in need of a little love. Do what you can here, or share their socials where you may.

At the end of the day, we will still be here. We will eventually all be able to come back out of our homes and embrace the people we love. Before the chaos and after the chaos calms, it'll be about community. Right now, we have to work together to maintain our community so that when we're well again, the small businesses and local shops that make our towns and cities what they are, will be able to turn those "OPEN" signs back around. I'm calling on all of us right now, and I know we can do this is we come together (but you know, after washing our hands).

I'll continue to update this as I get more suggestions, so send them my way!

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