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A Brazilian Days of Summer

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

It's frigging spring/summer, FINALLY. Indiana has teased us long enough with rain and sudden drops in temperature, but by GOLLY, the sun is consistently shining and it's time to rejoice.

I don't know about you, but in my life, I don't usually get to romp around in a bikini year-round, so in the summer some of my self-care/upkeep changes (only a little, I mean, those carbs aren't going to eat themselves). I am a religious waxer and have been for around 5 years now. I frequent Naked Monkey, and when I lived in Fort Wayne-Cali Day Spa. During this time, I have had a surprising amount of friends ask me about these "hot" habits of mine. (The wax is hot, get it?)

I'm going to rattle off a few questions I usually get, and if you have more, be sure to comment or just straight up call me and ask. :)

Ari, doesn't it hurt???

My friends, the quote, "Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain” reigns true. Your heels hurt your feet after dancing in them for a few hours. Sometimes lightening your roots irritates your scalp a little bit. The pain that comes with waxing hardly ever lasts more than a two seconds. Pain levels definitely vary by where you wax as well as how large of an area of hair you are removing at a time. I have had the lovely experience of waxing/being waxed on my eyebrows, legs, upper lip, tiny spot on my tummy and my lady bits. As a lovely lady, we get periods each month, your level of hormones will likely impact the level of pain you feel. I, personally, get extra sensitive when I am on my cycle, but it's not unbearable. I do try to schedule my appointments when I'm not bleeding out because #selflove.

Is it really that much better than shaving?? Be honest.

Listen, I am never not honest. Truthfully, it is obviously a little more expensive to go into a nice, clean salon and have someone trained well rip your hair off instead of popping your leg up in the shower and taking some conditioner and a razor to your furry limbs. HOWEVER, what gets me geeked is how long the results last. There are also a billion and a half blogs, articles, tips + tricks to prevent ingrown hairs, and honestly, since I've switched to waxing, I rarely get ingrown hairs. It's not a magic cure-all; you should still continue to exfoliate between sessions like you would shaving, but it's definitely less maintenance because of how long the results last. You schedule your appointment every three to four weeks and don't have to think about it.

How do you know where to go?

I took finding my salon like dating. It started with some online research. I looked at where I was personally located, what areas I frequented (between work, school and my social time), and decided where I would be willing to travel based on that. I also looked at reviews online to see what the places looked like, and what the price points were. I'm down to put money into it, but I am also reasonable and making a budget. If the place seems great overall, then I'll make an appointment with anyone my first time, then go from there. I think finding your esthetician is like finding your true love honestly. You gotta find someone you trust and someone you really mesh with. That person could ruin your eyebrows with one rip of a strip. That person might be seeing your hoo-ha on the regular. If you don't feel like you vibe or are comfortable with the person you are set up with, change persons. They likely won't remember you if you come back (you're not coming back for a few weeks, and they see a ton of people between that). If you don't like the place then by all means, go to another place. Just like dating, if the first date is bad, don't go on a second if you don't want to. You don't owe any business, any esthetician or any brand anything. I mean, you need to pay before you leave, but like, you don't have to stay at a place after your first visit out of obligation. Find a salon you enjoy going to and an esthetician you are comfortable with. That is important, and that matters.

If it's so important to find a good place, have you found a good place?

Yes, yes I have. I have also had some heckin' experiences between not vetting a place before going and then be lazy and just doing it myself because I forgot to book an appointment. Not really anything too awful, but I have found my esthetician and I will forever go to whatever salon she is working with. Sorry, Audra, you are very much stuck with me. I started going to the Naked Monkey when I moved to Indianapolis. I have been to their Indiana Avenue location as well as their Carmel Drive spot, both have been great experiences. To prove my point from earlier, I had worked with one estethician, worked with Audra, another wax expert, then came back to Audra. There were no hard feelings, and I've been booking appointments with Audra for over three years now. I also chose the Naked Monkey because of how trendy AND clean their facilities are. They offer a multitude of products that add to your waxing experience and upkeep I'm pretty obsessed with some of their heel balms, and they even have some Naked Monkey swag to rep the salon when you're out and about. I will always speak highly of this brand because I have had so many good experiences, I'm also super pumped for them as they have just opened their newest location in Greenwood. Woot, woot!

Images courtesy of Naked Monkey

Just like everything else, it is what you make it. If you go into a wax appointment stressed out, you're going to be tense and not enjoy it. I'm not saying every wax is a walk in the park, but for your first trip to a hot pot, you gotta go in open-minded. I've made appointments with girl friends in the past, and we go into our separate rooms and it can help it be less scary. If you've been wanting to try it (I'm specifically speaking to like three or four of my friends right here, but I won't @ you), take the leap. It's summer time, and there's no better time to try it. This is my #TreatYoSelf moment once a month, and hey, it could be yours!

Do you have any favorite salons or beauty experiences you want to know more about? Let me know!

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