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I Might Be a Dreamer...

But I’m not the only one. I recently watched “Dinner for Schmucks” and that John Lennon lyric was frequently used throughout the movie, and in thinking about this post, it fit so perfectly.

I mean, take me. I’m an average, college girl that’s graduating soon. I’m pretty interested in fashion and clothes galore, and I’m also a millennial who enjoys to write, so I’ve got this blog going now. In this big little city of Indianapolis, I’m trying to stand out as a cute, lil’ fashion blogger. IF I could write all day and walk around wearing cute clothes and tell people about it, I would, for sure. That is one of my dreams.

I have so many great friends in my life now that are so creative and amazing in their craft. One of those friends specifically is Felicia Ford. I met her just over a year ago, and I swear our vibes aligned, and she’s got one of the biggest hearts I know. She’s one of my favorite dreamers, and she is pushing to make big moves.

My sweet man and I stopped through one of her pop-up shops this past weekend, and it blows my mind every time I sift through her pieces. She owns her own boutique: Fei Vintage Apparel & Goods, where she collects pieces of clothing from vintage and secondhand thrift shops. She takes the golden gems she finds from the hole-in-the-wall stores and brings them to life with her touch.

pieces featured courtesy of @FeiVintage's Instagram

In addition to owning her boutique, she also styles pieces for people with the clothes they have or by incorporating pieces from her boutique. One of my stunning gal pals recently went to New York, and had Felicia style her for the week, and she looked fierce and every bit the top model she is.

Featured in these photos is Chloe Van Ryn, Styled by Fei

As important as the big brands are, I love supporting the local start-ups and locally created businesses. #ShopLocal has gained so much momentum in the last couple years, and more people are braving the world to chase their own dreams of opening their doors with something they are passionate about. In Indianapolis alone, I can think of AT LEAST ten places that are family-owned or newly opened. From grocery stores to clothing boutiques, I think it’s a beautiful thing to see someone take what they are completely in love with or passionate about and channel it into a a service or product to share with people in the community.

Personally, I think it also builds and adds on to the city of origin. Think of Starbucks—the first store in Seattle is always busy and catering to a full line. People want to go to where it first started, where the first transaction took place. There are so many memories and impactful moments that come from that origin where something amazing begins.

Many small shops have created websites to help broaden their reach outside their physical limits, and I think it’s great. I also can never replace the feeling of walking into a shop, and meeting the person behind the vision. When you get into those big, massive companies, I feel like there is typically a bigger disconnect between consumer and seller. With the smaller, growing companies, I feel like they go out of their way to know their people, know their customers and know what their needs are.

And at the end of the day, we are all people trying to work and collaborate with other people. Your city doesn't always have to feel small; go explore, find the shops that are nearest to you. Shop local and support local businesses, you never know what hidden gem you’ll find.

Special thanks to Felicia Ford and Fei Vintage Apparel & Goods for allowing me to share these photos and appreciation for the drive you have.

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