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Going Nude

Every since I started getting into the world of ~fashion~, I’e always been confident in what I’m wearing. I look back at some of my old (mainly middle school) pictures and truly applaud myself because holy cow was I looking like something else.

As I have entered college, and am nearing graduation, I have looked at my closet and what it has become. No longer do loud, graphic print skirts hang, or too many dresses and shirts with sassy lettering await me, but as a woman in business and one who keeps clothes forever, I have modified how I shop.

No doubt do I show out when I show up, but now, as I have grown up, I am in the nude. Wearing clothes of the nude color palette, I mean.

The amount of nude-toned clothes I have purchased is wild. The amount of neutral toned pieces I have bought is something I never thought I would ever do. Gone are my days of black t-shirts decorated in neon colors that are matched with teal pants. Gone are my days quirky tees that say something that probably isn't that funny or ironic. It feels like I’m really entering into adulthood.

I find that wearing nude/neutral clothing can be sophisticated as well as trendy. I love the simplicity of the neutrals, while at the same time, the glow that the nude neutrals (ie. tan, gold, beige, sometimes even white) can add to a person. I have a tan camisole styles top that makes me feel like a glorious little glowball when I wear it. It’s not a bad feeling, and I’d highly recommend it.

Not only is it an easy color palette to wear for a number of occasions, in this wild summer heat, it’s great for reflecting light. When that hot sun is beating down on you, your blacks, browns and darker colored clothes will absorb the light and the heat; while the lighter nudes, tans, and lighter neutrals will reflect the light. If you wear a black t-shirt and hang in the sun, you touch the shirt and it will be warm. You wear a white t-shirt in the sun, you touch the shirt and it’ll be not warm (it won’t be cold by any means, but it’s not going to be remotely warm). It’s wild, and a great sneaky trick for summer days outside.

Stay tuned for more sneaky summer tricks and staying cool and unbothered while the temperatures get hot and bothered.

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