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Easy Breezy Hair

Summertime fine is by far my favorite type of fine to be. But honestly, how am I suppose to be relaxed and carefree when I have hair to style? And it’s summer, so it’s pretty hot as is, I’m not REALLY trying to use more heat on or near me. It’s only June, and so far, I’ve become besties with some classic accessories.

not my scarves, but also needed a good thumbnail pic, relatable, right?

The obvious: the baseball cap. What says summer like a baseball game? What says laid-back summer still like a baseball cap? I can’t think of anything better, personally anyways. I’m a big fan of caps and I have honestly started buying way too many. Confessions of an obsession, i came home with $80 worth of baseball caps last summer, but thankfully my roommate talked some sense into why I did not need that many hats at once and I returned one (or two or four). Caps are great for two big reasons: you really only have to do the bottom of your hair and it blocks the sun, so if you do do your eye makeup, you can show it off and not hide it behind sunnies.

this is me smelling a flower that smelled 894290898x better than my roots, but look at the volume of that pony.

My top hairstyles with a cap on:

  • Dutch/Double braids

  • Single fishtail braid (if my hair were long enough, this would be me: all day, everyday)

  • Sassy Pony tail (which gets sassier if I haven't washed my hair in a few days and it has a lot of attitude)

  • Wavy hair (probably wavy from those braids from the day before)

And then the old classic: a scarf. I love feeling carefree and like I’m on vacation. Scarves are great for winter and fall when it’s starting to get too chilly for bare necks. But you know those scarves that honestly aren't that warm? Those really pretty scarves that almost seem too happy to be worn in the dreary months of the year? Well this is their time to shine. Take those lighter weight, bright-colored scarves and move them from your neck to your hair. It’s a great way to style your hair, hide your hair and wear your hair. Can't lie, my paisley/bright colors scarf has been most used this summer. It's such a good length!

My top hairstyles with a scarf:

  • Braided crown—I love weaving my scarf through my hair to create a braided-scarf crown. I often tie the two ends together at the nap of my neck, from here i’ll either twist the two parts over one another or tie them. I use those tiny elastics to secure my actual hair to the scarf btw.

  • Covered half-do—It’s like the equivalent of a baseball cap, but in scarf form. this is great for those greasy root days, and still lets your ends out. If you’re lucky enough to have long waves, I would braid the lose ends with some of your hair. Just drape the scarf over the top of your head, then pull the two sides back and tie.

  • Wrapped up—originating in Africa and having a history with women from African cultures and some with European women, there are a lot off ways to wrap your hair in a scarf. Personally, when I was younger and began to dabble with coloring my hair and getting stuck between unwanted tones, I would wrap my hair so that it was all covered and piled on top of my head. As I have gotten older, and my appreciation of the African culture has lead to reading a lot about the culture and customs, I realize majority of these styles originated with these African women. To learn more about the history of this, start with this link. To this day when I transition into blonde, I usually have a day of rest for my chemically treated hair and will apply a mask to it, and then wrap it in an updo along with a scarf or for dinner with a special group of people. I think it is a beautiful way to have your hair styled without actually showing much hair.

  • Referring back to the braided crown—This is a stellar look for when your hair is wet. I’ve worn my hair like this while wet, and then taken it down before joining in my nighttime festivities. It curls and adds waves to the hair without the use of heat. Similar to if you braided your hair but without the harsher lines that can come from braiding, and little different than the halo curls because these ones are a bit more relaxed.

  • A Pairing—If it ain't broke, ya know? Throwing my hair up in a messy bun/ponytail is paired so well with a scarf turned headband. And if it happens to be humid out, this is a great was to keep those baby hairs and whatnot tucked away. I always opt to tie the scarf behind my head at the nape of my neck, and I'll bring it over my shoulder to add more color to my outfit.

So until I absolutely need to use heat to style my hair (or my hair is mermaid hair length), you’ll see me around rocking one of these looks, or the after effects of them. Enjoy the easy, breezy, loves.

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