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Czech-ing Out Prague

The Charles Bridge is the number one tourist attraction in Prague—so obviously we did it.

It is the oldest pedestrian bridge (in the world, in the country? I’m really not sure, but every guide kept saying something like that). There’s something so uplifting and happy about going to these wildly overpopulated places full of tourists. I love the energy because everyone feels like an explorer because well, we all are at this point. I also love seeing people making memories. As we walked the bridge, we took time to step over and watch people as they marveled as the incredible statues and views. We watched husbands take pictures of their wives in front of historic structures. We saw little kids running wild, everything being new and exciting, and seeing that same light in the eyes of every adult there. It is a tourist spot, but it is a place with a view and place full of souls being rejuvenated.

There was an optional beer tour later, but again not being a beer fan, I opted out. Instead another pal and I rented a boat for the evening…..just a paddle boat. No worries, no crazy captains here. Earlier in the day, I had been walking the bridge, and now I was paddle boating just beneath it. I kicked off my shoes and threw my feet overboard into the water. My feet were wet, and my heart was so happy. We paddled around the Charles bridge and underneath it. We took it from the South side of the river up to the north and back around again. We let the boat drift while we sat and enjoyed the Czech sunset. Again, another shorter post, but it was a day of experiences, and that just isn't something I can put to words. Words would not do it justice.

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