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Cheers to Quarantinis

We are staying home to stay healthy, stay safe, and to help save lives. Even if you aren't at-risk, other people are, so if you don't need to leave the house, don't leave. Target runs are excluded from essential travel (sad, but true). So during this time, I've been partaking in some fantastic virtual happy hours. It's a great way to still "get together" without having to endure a night in "just a cute top with jeans." Oh, and heels can be replaced with fuzzy socks—well shoot, virtual happy hours might be here to stay ;)

If you are looking for some options to video call, peep this article for 10 FREE video calling apps you can use to stay in touch with your people!

So without anybody asking, I thought I would share some of my favorite sips that are pretty low maintenance to drink at home. Enjoy!

Hot + Spiced

Have I been drinking way more tea than usual? Does my pot stay warmed all day for the constant refills? Do I kind of crave something warm to make me feel something (ANYTHING) during this time of isolation? Yes, yes to all of it! Toning down my dramatics, I have always been into ginger. Ginger tea, ginger soup, ginger candies, heck, my man is a redhead even. One day, after a particular draining day of working from home with my co-worker (our dog) who understands not what a what a personal bubble is, I was winding down with my last hot cup of tea. I happened upon a bottle of Amaretto, which is sweet and delicious, I mixed about two pours into my hot tea with a slice of lemon. I give you a simple recipe: Ginger Tea with Amaretto + a Lemon.

A Sweet Slice

A gal pal and I stumbled upon a bottle of Lemocello (back in the days before the plague), and while we were determined to mix with it, we were not sure what direction to go. As we made sipping testers and rummaged through the liquor cabinet, we came up with this savory sip. The recipe? Equal parts Limocello and Chambord shaken wi

th ice, and poured in to a sugar-rimmed glass (should you choose). It reminds me of a Cheesecake Factory style lemon-raspberry white chocolate cheesecakein case you weren't already drooling.

Vodka Martini

I naturally reached out to Jay for some at-home martini/cocktail ideas. All he said was, wait for the next Tastings IGTV video. Low and behold, the team delivered. Jay whips up a quick and (seemingly) easy cocktail with just vodka, vanilla, and simple syrup.

Fruity Wine Spritzer

On the few days that the weather has been lovely, we've taken dinner from the sofa to the great outdoors, which I mean is our patio. I've never been a big wine spritzer gal, but I found some lemon-cucumber sparkling water that I mixed with a sweet white wine. I mixed them together in a pitcher with some frozen raspberries, a dash of sugar (really to taste on this one), and some ice. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon outside while pretending it was a regular, nonpandemic day.

Additionally, something a little fun (that also will require to have a few bottles on hand), is a flight taste. If you're quarantined with your partner, or roommate, or wanna have someone join virtually, this is a really fun way to test your taste buds.

You can do a blind flight where someone pour the drink in to smaller (I say smaller if you want to stay standing, but hell, you've got time) cups. Label the cups on the bottom, and based off what you know or the descriptions on the bottles, you guess which cup belongs to which liquor. We've done this at Bakersfield a few times with the tequila flights, and once in Louisville at 8UP with bourbon, and every time is so fun. We're planning to do this at home this weekend.

If you want to explore, I've taken a pour of a bourbon I like, and what I've learned is how a drink will bloom as you add water/ice. You start with a neat pour, and take a sip. Taste the taste and smell the smells. Add a single drop of water, and repeat. Does it taste different? How is the aroma? I've had experiences where the Scotch Master will add up to three drops of water to help the flavor expand. It's amazing how a drop of water can grow and change a drink. It's fun, I have tried this tasting with both bourbon, scotch, and whiskey. I highly recommend doing it if you are into any of those sips.

In all seriousness, I hope you and yours are staying home, and staying safe. To those who are working essential jobs, thank you. Thank you for everything you do. To your families, thank you for sharing your loved ones with us to help people who need help. Sending all of you love and hugs from afar. Stay safe, and be well.

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