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Boudoir for You (And Nobody Else)

Let's talk about boudoir. It's an intimate experience. It's about you and your body and showing off a little. It's also an activity that I think we need to normalize. Boudoir should be talked about outside of hushed tones and a few glasses of wine. Photography is art, and there's so much talent that goes into capturing a moment or a feeling. And how you feel or want to feel during a session should be captured. Maybe you are proud of your body, or maybe you are rediscovering that sexy side of yourself. Maybe you're celebrating a goal you set for yourself, or hell, maybe you just are feelin' you.

I was introduced to boudoir as something that you do for someone else. When you find that special someone, you can get some saucy photos taken and you share them with your person--which I want to first point out that I respect that. I do. I also think before you take photos of yourself for someone else, the photos should be for you. You are a gift. We are all pretty damn beautiful, and we are all on some kind of self-love journey. Looking at yourself in photos should be something you smile about. Doing boudoir should not make you stressed, thinking about seeing the final product is not something that you should dread or worry over.

Boudoir is intimate. It's not personal only to develop that relationship between you and your photographer, but it's a moment to see yourself and recognize that you're pretty amazing and you've got this temple of soul that deserves all the self-loving there is. It's not about being full of yourself, but I think so many of us are still learning to love ourselves and who we are, and I enjoy shooting boudoir because it gives me some time to see what I love about me, and appreciate myself.

Not only do the self love gears get a-going, but when you see yourself looking all bad ass and well-lit (S/O to that good photography with the good lighting), it's empowering. It builds that confidence that sometimes we forget we have. When I think about how empowered I feel, it's like that little golden mushroom from Mario Kart. I feel a little boost in my energy.

Shooting can be so fun and uplifting too. Any good photographer will show you some of the shots they get while you shoot. If you feel like you aren't getting the shots you want, or not feeling how you are looking, say something. Book with a photographer you feel comfortable working with. I have worked with a handful of photographers now, and a good boudoir photographer will be in the business to empower. Find someone that you mesh with and you feel good around because depending on how you shoot, they might be seeing a whole lot of you.

Which also, boudoir does not mean you immediately shake hands and get naked. It's whatever your comfort level is. I shot in jeans, I shot in tights, I shot with a cozy sweater on. It's whatever you feel best in. The point is to feel good about yourself. I'm not saying you might feel a little out of your comfort zone. There's a possibility that you haven't done something like this before or that you are on that self love journey and you are easing yourself in. That is okay.

These shoots about you. Make them about you.

If you have literally any questions about who I have shot with, want some outfit ideas or even a good makeup artist recommendation, let me know! If you have a favorite shoot and you want to share it, I'd love to see it. Let me hype you UP. If you aren't at the point where you wanna shoot boudoir, but you still want to have your photos taken, there's empowerment in that too! There's more than one way to love yourself, find your way. I wrote this blog wanting to share my experience and nip the mindset that boudoir is for someone else other than you. Something this intimate starts with you, and you loving yourself.

This shoot was in collaboration with Maggie of The Delicate Studio Boudoir

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