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Booty Buying

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

I cannot physically think of anything more fun than shoe shopping. Having the right shoe, flat, heel or booty can finish a look in a way you never would have thought possible.

Photo includes booties from the wonderful Jimmy Choo

Am I being a little dramatic about having the perfect shoe? Mmm, probably. Am I completely wrong though? No, definitely not.

Although I am impulsive and love to cop a new pair of shoes, I'm also insanely picky about it. Finding my latest pair of booties took almost a full month. However, I wear them with almost every outfit (as you can probably tell from my everyday lookbook, but I swear I do have other shoes to wear). However, the world of booties has been changing.

When I went in looking for a pair of black, leather booties, I was met with a billion different styles, heels and leather types--not to mention the bling attach to some, the zippers and shape of the toe. Somehow, I narrowed it down to six different black booties to try on.

Through the different shoes, I learned a lot about how the bootie market is changing. The heel styles have changed from the typical stiletto heel that has typically paired with any heel, into the chunky, blocked heel. It's fantastic because it's a heel you can wear all day, and it offers more balance. It also caters to a wider audience of wears, it's an easier style to wear if you're just out of your prime, maybe you had knee surgery and stiletto are now out of the question. Chunky heels save lives, folks.

It's wild how different a pointy toe, oval toe, rounded toe and square toe changes the appearance of my foot. The pointy toe is install trendy, but dang does it make my foot look a lot bigger than it is. And at 5'3", I'm going for a long leg than a longer foot. The oval toe though can keep the booty versatile between dressy and casual.

Along with these components, wow, how do I want to put my shoe on?! There's zippers and buckles and pull-ons and secret password gates and more. Maybe not the gates, but I have always been a zipper gal as long as the zipper color made sense. BUT in the final moments of 2017, I chose a pair of black, leather booties with elastic inserts on the sides, and I joined the slip-on movement. It took a lot of getting used to, but I love how sleek the booties look without the bells and whistles of buckles and zippers.

A trend of 2018 for booties I have noticed though is the height of the actually booty. The difference between boots and booties is the height, normally it hits around the ankle for a booty. This season, I've noticed how much higher and invasive the booty height is on my jeans hem. My jeans now are either rolled to capri length then just kiss the top of my booties or I get the slightly rumpled pants look and look accidentally trendy? (Room for debate there.)

Regardless of all these styles and types and whatnot, the most important takeaway is to get the booty that fits well, you can see yourself wearing and one you feel confident in while walking. Let your booties be your constant hype crew, and get some that make you feel great--because you are.

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