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Updated: May 25, 2018

During this amazing experience studying abroad, we also had some kind of academic purpose too. I mean, you know, studying abroad type of a thing. All of us students were assigned different companies (from the ones that we were visiting) to research and analyze then write a report over. Today was my assigned company, LimeSoda. They specialize in Digital Marketing, and it was wildly interesting to hear how different the Digital Marketing scene is in Vienna. A lot of companies in Vienna are not yet utilizing digital marketing resources as print, and television ads are still much mortised and trusted from years of using it.

LimeSoda was super fun and relaxed. The meeting room we were in was in a building that was similar to something of a garden house almost. It was mainly windows and off of a patio area. The company had tons of creative spaces and it was really fun to be in. The company also did everything from social media to content creation—all the way down to carving the pumpkins for an ad. The people that worked there were wildly fun too. Below is a photo of me with one of the employees that presented, and when we did not know how to pose for the picture, we just got goofy. It was a really great environment to be in.

After this company visit, we had an unusual break in the middle of the day. My roommate and I were literally so unbelievably exhausted, we decided to come back to our rooms and take it easy for a little bit. It felt kind of lame to be that exhausted in such a beautiful city, but we really needed the rest. After a little bit, we went to the main strip of Westbanhof (the area where our hotel is), and we went looking for lunch. I also packed everything before the weather for week was updated, and I did not bring a jacket. So our first mission was to find a jacket because while we were walking, it began raining. Luckily I found a steal of jacket and sincerely felt like I looked more like a local, which I wasn’t mad about.

We found an inexpensive pizza/asian restaurant. She ordered a pizza, and I ordered a tofu/veggie stir-fry. While I was ordering, the guy cooking asked if I was Filipino. It turned out that he and his other cook were both from the Philippines. They moved to Austria about ten years ago, and loved the city of Vienna. The one had bounced around Europe, moving somewhere every few years, but always coming back to Vienna, while the main cook only took little trips around Europe. He shared his stories of the Philippines while cooking my meal, and kindly gave me the “Filipino discount”, so I only paid half.

After eating our amazing food from the strip, we wandered back to the hotel to get ready for our social event at the WU Wien University with other business students. I think in your minds we foresaw it being students our age, but we were welcomed by Masters and PhD students. A group of us spoke to a woman who was the Professor of Market Research classes. She was currently studying the consumer behavior affects from product packaging. Since taking my own consumer behavior class, and researching the affect of sensory stimuli, it was a really engaging and interesting conversation to have. It was also here that we learned more about how and why the education system is free and how hard University actually is.

In Vienna, you have access to free education, however, the income taxes are insanely high. They discussed the different rules in place to prevent too many people coming from out-of-country to get free education, and then leave as soon as they receive their degree. The inexpensive education also applies to Masters and PhD students. If I were to receive my Masters from Vienna, I would only have to pay roughly 400-500 euros. Which honestly, sounds pretty wonderful, and in a fantastic city? I would not be upset about that…..we’ll see what happens though….

While at the University, it was so fun to walk around the campus and see how creative the spaces were, especially for a business school. The buildings were innovative in shape, and lively in color. I’m throwing some pictures below because I am not going to pretend I can describe these buildings as well as they deserve to be.

After walking around the campus and spending too much time trying to pick from the too many adventures we could have, five of us decided to set off for the Museumquartiers where there was a courtyard of museums. We walked in the wrong direction for the subway a few times, but finally made it up the stairs onto street level at our destination. As we came up the subway stairs, our night turned into something out of a movie. Right by the platform, there was a group with balloons releasing their balloons into the Vienna sky. People cheered as the balloons continued to fly up, up, up.

As our energy began to build, we entered the Museumquartiers, we saw a stage setting up. We looked around at the walls and realized tonight was the night of the Beat the Heat music festival. Our energy continued to build even further. We also realized that tonight was Art Night at the MQ. This meant that all museum entry was free. Upon checking the set list for the start time, we dashed to the Leopold Museum. I then attempted a million times to text my mom—Gustav Klimt was on exhibit at this museum. Before leaving for Europe, we each had done a report on a specific topic from our countries of study. I researched and presentation over the Vienna Secession, so seeing work by Klimt, and seeing his style grow and change and adapt, it was unbelievable. The museum had four different floors, and we wandered through each one until our stomachs rang the dinner bell.

*Above are pieces all featured at the Leopold Museum, pieces include works by: Gustav Klimt, Bronchia Koller-Pinell, Koloman Moser, Roy Lichtenstein, Enrich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde, Oskar Kokoschka, Philippe Bradshaw and Rembrandt Bugatti.*

We dined at a wonderful outdoor cafe as the sun began to set and the music performances began to play. We enjoyed our meals, and found that the restaurant provided blankets to the guests outside. As our stomachs were full and content, we made our way to the crowds in front of the stage. The air was alive with people dancing, souls vibing, and performing putting their all into their music. Voices overlapped with your typical instrumentals, but then came in a crew of brass instruments. The hip-hop music had a soul of jazz, and the music was upbeat, and everyone danced in their own way to the same tune. It was complete and total bliss as we danced into the Vienna night.

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