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The Sun So Loved The Moon...

Updated: Jan 16

This year has already been one of the most amazing years of my life. I have taken more initiative in my creative fields, and have been working to create more with more people. This shoot was amazing and the team even more so. Linda was the photographer for my first photo shoot last April and has become an amazing friend. Rachel is one the most talented MUAs I have ever had the honor of meeting and I'm so happy to be able to call her another friend. Sunnih, the brightest ray in the world is truly one of my nearest and dearest. We shot together with Linda in April of last year, and we wanted to do another shoot (getting the gang back together), but we wanted it to be something that also symbolized more than just a shoot.

And so the concept is the Sun and the Moon. Crafted into more of a beauty shoot, to show the beauty in the characteristics that come from both the energies of the sun--energetic, outgoing, bright, as well as the characteristics associated with the moon--calming, serene and peaceful. We had a wonderful time, and created some really beautiful pieces.

For more by Linda Vang, the creative genius with a camera, click here.

For more work by Rachel Madison, the wildly talented MUA, click here.

Special thanks to Keng of House of Xiong and Ren for helping with the behind the scenes.

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